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With years of service in the tree care business, we are ready to work for you. Thompson Rivers Tree Service is your local tree service company.

People generally have a desire to be out and about amongst nature. When it comes to owning a home or business, this means cultivating the natural beauty that is to be found in the spaces where nature and society overlap. Nowhere is this more important than taking care of all the trees that adorn your landscapes.

When it comes to caring for trees it is important that you get professional help. Trees are too precious of a resource to be left to anyone but the most qualified professionals. At Thompson Rivers Tree Service, our crews are trained and experienced in tree care and are coordinated by a certified arborist. This means that when you call us you can be sure that your trees are getting the best care around. See what a difference we can make for your landscape by scheduling a visit from our customer-oriented tree service professionals.

Local, Reliable Tree Services

Finding a reliable and professional tree service can be confusing. While many landscaping companies tout that they perform fertilization and tree trimming services, they often don’t do comprehensive plant health care for trees. A company like Thompson Rivers Tree Service is run by a certified arborist and we offer comprehensive tree care services. This includes:

  • Tree removals
  • Tree trimming
  • Stump grinding
  • Risk assessments
  • Plant health care
  • Tree transplanting

Thompson Rivers Tree Service is a licensed and insured company. Not only do we keep our workers safe but we also protect your property as we work. When you hire us you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your trees are getting the best care and your property will be safe.

What Are an Arborist’s Qualifications?

Part of what sets us apart as a company is our leadership. Thompson Rivers Tree Service is run by a certified arborist that has years of experience working on trees all over BC. To earn the title of arborist, Kevin Smith had to demonstrate that he had multiple years of experience caring for trees in the field as well as formal classroom training. After he passed his exam from the International Society of Arboriculture, he was allowed to call himself an arborist. As part of his continuing education requirements, Kevin earned an endorsement from the Western Utility Arborist Association for falling and bucking.

When you hire a tree service company that is run by a certified arborist, it means that you will receive the best in tree care. We operate at the highest standards for safety when we perform tree removals and we offer excellent advice for keeping your trees growing and healthy.

Professional Tree Removal

Tree removal is a dangerous job that has the potential to cause property damage. At Thompson Rivers Tree Services, we perform tree removals methodically and safely. First, we use our special scissor lift to access the highest parts of the tree and begin removing the canopy. As we remove sections of the tree, they are safely lowered down on ropes to prevent them from landing on our workers or surrounding buildings.

We will gather all of the debris from the removal and haul it away as part of the service. Once the tree is gone, we will grind the stump away and the job will be complete. We always complete our jobs safely and on time, so the only thing you will have to think about is what to plant in the new empty spot in your landscape.

When to Schedule Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is an important part of tree care. Tree trimming keeps trees under control so that they don’t pose a threat to power lines or homes. It also allows an arborist the chance to remove any dead portions that could threaten the health of a tree. Tree trimming can be done any time that it is noticed that a tree could cause damage to a home or business. When tree trimming is done by a professional it can be done safely any time of year without threatening the tree.

Tree pruning is a type of tree trimming that is done for different reasons. Tree pruning is done to shape the tree and encourage it to grow in a more healthy manner. Thompson Rivers Tree Service encourages trees to be pruned in the winter or early spring. This will encourage more vigorous growth as well as enhance its aesthetic.

When to Call for Emergency Tree Services

If you find yourself in the middle of a tree emergency, call Thompson Rivers Tree Service immediately. Our crews are on call after business hours to help you out of a jam. We are also flexible enough to be able to respond to problems as they occur during business hours. The crews that perform work on a daily basis are trained in safety. This allows them to perform their jobs safely even in the middle of a crisis.

Lot Clearing Experts

It is always in a home or business owner’s best interest to maximize the value of their assets. One way that you can do this is by hiring Thompson Rivers Tree Service to perform your lot clearing on all of your construction projects. Trees add huge value to outdoor spaces so it makes sense that you would keep as many of them as possible. While many lot clearing services would convince you to clear-cut the area, Thompson Rivers Tree Service is ready to work with you to maintain as many trees as you can. This will maximize the long-term value of your property and make it integrate into the surrounding landscape immediately.

Call (250) 851-1835 today for emergency tree service. Thompson Rivers Tree Service is the local Vernon choice for complete tree care. From tree risk assessments to safe removals, our crews are ready to work for you.

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