Tree Trimming & Pruning in Kamloops and surrounding areas

Trees need periodic trimming and pruning to keep them looking great. To keep them healthy, get help from the experts at Thompson Rivers Tree Service.

The exterior of a home or business is the only opportunity you’ll have to make a great first impression on your guests or customers. As a home or business owner, the curb appeal of your property cannot be unestimated. The landscaping around your property is a crucial part of keeping your home or business looking great. One of the key components of good landscaping is ensuring that your trees and shrubs are thriving parts of your overall outdoor design plans.

To ensure that your trees are always looking great, it helps to get assistance from an expert. At Thompson Rivers Tree Service, we are experts at helping your trees and shrubs thrive. One of the most important steps in making sure that your trees are healthy is good tree pruning and trimming. Our tree trimming and pruning practices are unparalleled and can ensure that your property always looks great.

Signs You Need Tree Trimming

It may seem odd that organisms that grow all over the world without human intervention will need attention from a professional. Trees grow in natural habitats without any kind of help from people but that doesn’t mean that they can’t use some help. Under the care of our professional arborists, our tree crews can help your trees thrive with good trimming practices.

Some of the signs that your trees may benefit from trimming are:

  • Insect Infestation: Insect infestation can mean that portions of the tree are dead or that insects are stealing nutrients from the sap under the bark. Unless that dead section is removed or the infestation is treated, the problem can continue to grow.
  • Fungal Damage:When fungus grows on trees it is an indicator that there is dead wood somewhere under the surface. Fungus will work to break down the dead wood but it can also sap nutrients out of the tree. Unless it is trimmed off, the fungus will eventually spread and kill the whole tree.
  • Mushroom Growth: Mushroom growth on the limbs of your trees indicates that the limb is dead. Even if there is live foliage growing out of it, a significant portion of the cross-section of the limb is compromised and should be removed.
  • Poorly Shaped:With natural growth or poor trimming practices. It isn’t uncommon for trees to have a bad general shape after a few years. An extensive tree trimming can restore the tree to a more pleasing shape that is better for its growth.
  • Too Big: Trees that outgrow their spaces are common. Luckily they can be trimmed to fit. The process of reducing a tree’s size is a big job but the result will be a tree that is beautiful that fits into a space more appropriately.

By scheduling a trimming visit, Thompson Rivers Tree Service can help you keep your trees healthy and in good shape.

Benefits of Routine Pruning

Removing portions of a tree can accomplish different goals. That’s why there are two procedures to keep trees growing well: trimming and pruning. Trimming is usually done as a corrective measure for some problem. On the other hand, tree pruning is done to enhance the natural assets of a tree or shrub. Proper pruning techniques can give trees:

  • Better Shape: In nature, trees often compete for resources with each other. In a forest, this gives them an advantage. As part of a landscape, it can mean that trees grow in ways that limit their aesthetic value and inhibit their growth. Routine pruning can gradually amend the shape of a new tree or shrub to help it look great and grow stronger.
  • Stronger Fruiting: Heavy trimming and pruning can be damaging to a tree. But, when done correctly it can greatly enhance the beauty and productivity of a tree. When small amounts of limbs are trimmed down it forces the tree to focus nutrients to the tips that flower and set fruit or nuts. This leads to a much stronger production of ornamental flowers, fruits or nuts.
  • Nutrient Utilization:Because trees are competitive for nutrients, their canopies can overgrow. When this happens, light penetration and air circulation in the canopy can be seriously impaired. This can lead to fungal infection and unnecessary energy spent to make unproductive foliage. By removing internal shoots in a tree, light can be better utilized and fresh air can freely move.
  • More Safety: : Routine pruning can allow our crews to rebalance the canopy. This makes it less likely that limbs will grow where they shouldn’t grow, like into power lines or over a roof. It also ensures that the tree or shrub won’t be subject to uprooting itself and falling over.

Pruning is often done in the spring or late winter to prepare the trees for summer growth. Call Thompson Rivers Tree Service to schedule a visit so we can help your trees and shrubs thrive.

Why Professional Tree Trimming is Necessary

Tree trimming and pruning are always done with the health of the tree in mind. The downside of trimming and pruning is that it can be harmful to the tree when it is done improperly. Poor techniques can even worsen conditions that led to a need to trim the tree in the first place.

That’s why professional trimming is always preferred. The Thompson Rivers Tree Service arborist is skilled at trimming trees so that the customer’s needs are met while the health of the tree is preserved. Schedule our professionals once and you’ll see the difference that professional help can make.

Why Work with Us?

The arborists and tree crews at Thompson Rivers Tree Service have years of experience working on the local flora around Kamloops. Our experience and training mean that we know how to best care for your trees. We always strive to serve our customers with honesty and reliability and we always perform our jobs to the highest standards of safety. This year, see what a difference professional tree trimming and pruning services from Thompson Rivers Tree Service can do for your trees.

Trimming and pruning are necessary steps to take when you own trees. Make sure you’re getting the best service you can. Call (250) 851-1835 today to schedule service from our experts.

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