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Taking care of your trees can be a lot of work. Make it easy and call the experts at Thompson Rivers Tree Service in Kamloops.

Whether you have a few trees or a whole forest, it takes some management to make sure that trees stay healthy and safe. Even small tree trimming jobs can turn into a lot of work when you consider the specialized tools and ladders needed to safely accomplish it. Instead of spending all of that time and money on tools and hard work, why not just get a skilled expert to do it for you. At Thompson Rivers Tree Service in Kamloops, we are a tree service company with years of experience. No job is too big or too small for our crews. Save yourself time and money by getting tree service from Thompson Rivers Tree Service.

Signs That You May Need Tree Service

Trees are complex organisms that live in a complex environment. With so many variables and things that can go wrong, trying to determine the path forward can be difficult. Fortunately, you don’t have to decide alone. Some of the signs that you might need tree service are:

  • Trees have abnormal growth or foliage
  • Trees have dead limbs or dead sections
  • Unprofessional tree trimmers unbalanced a tree
  • Limbs or roots growing near a foundation
  • Ugly stumps leftover from other tree removals
  • Ornamentals aren’t shaped well and are flowering weakly

Tree service can mean many things. Whether the answer to your tree problems is stump grinding or tree pruning, the experts at Thompson Rivers Tree Service can help.

How Often Should Tree Trimming Be Performed?

There is a lot of misleading information floating around about how often tree trimming should be performed. Some people say it should only be performed while trees are dormant, while some companies will lop off limbs regardless of the season. The truth is, tree trimming can be performed safely any time that it is needed.

One of the main concerns of a tree company is to protect the health of the tree. Our certified arborists have formal training that gives them the expertise to know when it is best to trim a tree. Some forms of trimming will be best to be performed in the late winter while the trees are still dormant. This is especially the case for ornamentals and flowering trees. Trimming them at the right time will encourage better growth and stimulate flowering in the spring.

While some trimming procedures work best in the cooler seasons, an arborist can trim a tree any time of year and not harm a tree. This is usually done when safety is an issue. Trees that grow too near power lines or homes need to be dealt with immediately so the arborist puts his knowledge to work to maximize safety while minimizing the damage to the tree.

Whatever your goals are for tree trimming, getting advice from an arborist can help guide you. At Thompson Rivers Tree Service our crews are led by a certified tree professional so that you can rest easy knowing that your trees are in good hands.

What is Considered a Tree Emergency?

While trees are valuable to a property, they can also be a hazard. Some examples of ways that trees can cause emergencies are:

  • Debris blocking driveways, sidewalks or roadways
  • Limbs fallen onto homes or businesses
  • Limbs encroaching on utility lines
  • Unbalanced trees that may fall
  • Roots damaging plumbing or foundation

When emergencies happen, speed and reliability are of the utmost importance. At Thompson Rivers Tree Service, we understand that tree emergencies are bad news and bad news is stressful. That’s why we always strive to focus on speed and reliability. That way, when disaster happens, it’s just another day for our crews.

The Importance of Plant Health Care

Landscaping around a home or business is a designed ecosystem that can be delicate. As an ecosystem, changes in one part of the landscaping may cause harm to other parts of the landscaping. An understanding of the interconnectedness of your landscaping is essential to making sure all parts of it are thriving all of the time. Some of the things to consider about plant health care when you are thinking about changing some aspect of your landscaping are:

  • Sun Exposure: Trimming trees may allow more light to penetrate to the ground. This can influence the health of shade-loving plants or cause turfgrass to become overexposed to light.
  • Moisture Levels: Different types of plants require different levels of moisture to thrive. Over-saturating an area for moisture-loving plants may adversely affect plants that like to stay drier.
  • Fertilization: Treating each individual element of your landscaping with the same fertilizers may cause some plants to thrive and others to suffer. For example, a high nitrogen fertilizer for grass may cause ornamentals to overgrow foliar and not flower.
  • Disease Prevention: Steps should be taken to minimize the exposure of all plants to disease. It is far too easy for diseases and fungus to spread amongst the landscaping. Knowing how to prevent diseases with good watering and fertilization can help you protect your landscaping.

As you can see, plant health care can be confusing to handle. Why not enlist the help of a plant health care expert to help you navigate the process? The arborists at Thompson Rivers Tree Service are prepared to guide their customers through the task of keeping not just their trees but their whole ecosystem happy and healthy.

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Thompson Rivers Tree Service has years of experience serving customers all over BC. We always strive to do our jobs safely, reliably and to the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Our crews handle all aspects of tree service including tree risk assessments for property owners and insurance companies and we also do lot clearing for new construction. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers. Since we are locally-owned, we have the attention to detail of a small company while being able to handle any job you can throw at us. Let us show what a difference professional tree service can make for your trees.

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