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As society gets better about growing without stressing the natural environment, people are empowered to live in closer harmony with nature. This means that our outdoor spaces can be dominated by all kinds of beautiful and healthy vegetation. Large trees on residential and commercial properties are more common than ever, which is great since trees add so much value to outdoor spaces.

The downside of having nature right outside everyone’s home or business is that there are times when accidents happen and damage can occur from trees. It is in the best interest of homeowners and business owners to get professional opinions about the threats that their trees can pose to their assets.

At Thompson Rivers Tree Service in Kamloops, our arborists are experts at performing tree risk assessments. Tree safety is our primary concern and we approach this with solutions that are best for the tree and surrounding man-made structures. To ensure that the trees on your property are safe, schedule a tree risk assessment from our qualified professionals.

What is a Tree Risk Assessment?

A tree risk assessment is a process that an arborist undergoes to determine how much of a threat a tree poses to surrounding human activity. To be qualified to perform a risk assessment, an arborist must be trained by the International Society of Arboriculture. The ISA certification is an internationally approved inspection that standardizes the process that determines the risk of a tree.

The aim of a tree risk assessment is to prevent damage from occurring as a result of unhealthy trees or trees that are in too close proximity to homes or businesses. For example, a tree risk assessment would be appropriate to perform on a tree that is outside of a business near a street or a large tree that overhangs the roofline of a house. After the risk assessment is performed, the arborist will make recommendations to correct any problems that they think may occur.

Homeowners and business owners can have tree risk assessments performed so they can understand and prevent problems that might occur with their trees. Often municipalities and insurance companies will perform tree risk assessments so they can calculate their risk and liability.

What Types of Problems are We Assessing?

A tree risk assessment is a multi-page professional document that is the result of years of cumulative experience within the tree service community. Its purpose is to be as thorough as possible to examine any potential problem that could occur from a tree.

Some of the main concerns that are covered when a tree risk assessment is performed are:

  • Diseases: Diseases are a common cause of emergencies and property damage that can occur from trees. Diseases can manifest in a number of ways including poor foliar growth, dead branches or hollow spaces in trunks. Any one of these scenarios carries the potential for damage to occur from a broken trunk or snapped-off limb. Fortunately, a tree risk assessment rigorously inspects the tree for damages and can allow arborists an opportunity to fix the problem before a disaster occurs.
  • Unbalanced Canopy: In older trees, an unbalanced canopy is common. Unbalanced trees can occur naturally as the result of diseases that have killed off large portions of the canopy or they can be caused by unscrupulous tree trimmers that remove limbs from one side of the tree but not the other. Unbalanced trees will attempt to regrow in an unhealthy manner and there is a risk of them toppling over because of the unbalanced load. .
  • Root Problems: Even though they are underground, the roots of a tree are one of the most important parts of a tree to assess. Any problem that occurs in the roots of a tree will certainly become apparent down the road. Root problems can stem from nearby construction, mowing and landscaping practices and fungal infection. During a tree risk assessment, an arborist will inspect the health of the roots to anticipate any potential health problems from the tree.
  • Environmental and Site-Specific Factors: Even a healthy tree is subject to problems if its environment isn’t perfect. Individual trees may be subject to complications from heavy rains or high winds that can cause uprooting or major breakages. During a tree risk assessment, a professional will take all of these factors into account.

Reasons to Get Tree Risk Assessments from a Professional

It should be the aim of every tree owner to keep their property and people safe. A professional tree risk assessment can help you do just that. Some of the benefits of a professional tree risk assessment are:

  • Protect Customers and Guests: Trees are an asset to any property but home and business owners shouldn’t take risks with their trees. By scheduling a tree risk assessment from Thompson Rivers Tree Service, home and business owners can know what risks their trees pose to their visitors, workers and customers.
  • Protect Property: When tree emergencies happen, massive property damage and personal injury can occur. A tree risk assessment is instrumental in preventing problems like trees topping onto homes or utility lines and large branches falling onto structures below.
  • Preserve the Value of Trees: As a tree care company, our primary concern is the health of the trees on your property. By performing the ISA standardized tree risk assessments, our arborists will have the opportunity to provide your trees what they need to thrive and keep your property safe.

By scheduling a tree risk assessment from Thompson Rivers Tree Service, our customers get peace of mind that their property is safe and that their trees will thrive for years to come.

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