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Do you have concerns about trees on your property? Get help from the tree removal experts at Thompson Rivers Tree Service.

When people go about trying to decide if a tree needs to be removed, it can be a stressful decision. When faced with a decision that is likely to cost money and could be dangerous, it is important to know who to call for help. At Thompson Rivers Tree Services, we take pride in helping our customers determine when a tree needs to be removed. Our crews are trained in the safe removal of trees in even the tightest of quarters so you don’t have to worry about property damage. No job is too big or too small for our crews to handle. When you hire us to perform a tree removal, it’s the last thing you’ll have to worry about in the whole process.

Top Signs You Need Tree Removal

Deciding to remove a tree can be a big decision. On one hand, most people want to keep the trees around their property. On the other hand, trees may present a risk to structures on the property. Additionally, trees may be diseased or dying and you might need help deciding when it is best to remove them. When that happens, call the professionals at Thompson Rivers Tree Service.

Our dedicated professionals can visit your property and advise you on how to care for your trees. Some of the reasons we may recommend that you remove a tree could be:

  • Trees Near Homes: Trees that grow too near your home or business could drop large limbs or topple in extreme weather events. This could cause massive damage to your home. If trees have overgrown too near your home, tree removal may be your best bet for protecting your home.
  • Roots Damaging Underground Structures: Most people think about trees damaging things above the ground. But, trees can also wreak havoc on underground structures like foundations and plumbing. If you are having chronic plumbing problems or your foundation is damaged, tree removal is the best option
  • Limbs Growing into Power Lines: : Utility companies do their best to keep trees from endangering your power lines. However, trimming limbs out of easements constantly can be a big job and all it takes is one tree to cut off power for a whole neighbourhood. In order to preserve your utilities, removing a troublesome tree is probably best.
  • Crowded Trees: When young trees are planted, a common problem is that they are planted too close to each other. As the trees grow, they begin to fight over nutrients and stunt each other’s growth. In most cases of crowded trees, it is better that one tree is removed to allow the other to flourish.
  • Sick Trees: Sick trees are most often in need of removal. Trees can be sick for decades without anyone realizing and their trunks can become hollow. These trees are incredibly dangerous and should be removed immediately

How is Tree Removal Done?

Tree removal is a dangerous job that requires special gear and training to safely perform. Our crews only get one shot to safely take out a tree so it has to go perfect every time. To safely accomplish a tree removal, we have a special process:

  1. Once it is determined that the tree should be removed, our crews begin planning how to do it safely. The height of the tree, its health and surrounding structures are all taken into account.
  2. The site is cleared of all non-essential personnel to keep everyone safe. Moveable property will also be relocated to minimize risk.
  3. Equipment including lifts, trucks and rigging is brought onsight and set up.
  4. The outer canopy of the tree is removed first to allow our tree crews to see the structure of the tree. The foliage of the tree is shredded and hauled away.
  5. Once the canopy is removed, crews begin using ropes and saws to cut off bigger limbs from the top down. Cut off limbs are lowered using ropes so surrounding structures and soil aren’t harmed.
  6. The trunk is removed from the top down and hauled away.
  7. If desired, the stump is removed and the job is completed.

After a successful tree removal, our customers will only be left with an empty space where the tree once stood. We don’t damage the surrounding turf so the area can be quickly rehabilitated into part of the landscape.

Why Do You Need to Hire a Professional?

Hiring an experienced tree service professional for tree removal jobs gives you a peace of mind. At Thompson Rivers Tree Service, our team is led by an arborist that is a veteran of local tree care. Having the designation of “arborist” means that we hold the highest level of professional training that exists in the field of tree care.

Tree removal is an inherently dangerous job that should only be performed by experienced professionals with specialized equipment. Performing a tree removal involves dealing with heights and power tools that can cause life-threatening injuries if not properly handled. It also takes skill and experience to rig limbs so that they don’t fall and cause injury or damage. Our crews commonly work near sensitive structures and power lines so we know exactly how to get the job done regardless of the hazards.

Benefits of Removing a Tree

While removing a tree can be a hard decision to make, it is important to understand that there are immediate benefits or doing so. Some of the benefits of having professionals remove your trees are:

  • Improves the views of a property
  • Prevents the spread of disease
  • Opens up a space for a variety of outdoor activities
  • Allows the planting of a more appropriate variety
  • Preserves foundations, sidewalks and underground plumbing
  • Enhanced curb appeal

Let the experts at Thompson Rivers Tree Service guide you through the process of removing a tree. We take the time to educate our customers on their options then carry out their plans to completion. Our job isn’t done until everyone is satisfied!

Improve your landscape and keep your property safe by having unwanted trees removed. Thompson Rivers Tree Service is skilled and experienced in safe tree removal. Call (250) 851-1835 today to schedule an appointment.

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