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So you’ve had a tree removed and now you’re left with a stump. What do you do now? Do you know that the stump is going to take forever to disappear on its own? Did you know that the stump will probably try to regrow ugly regrowth that will require a whole separate visit from a landscaper or tree service to remove? Why not just get your tree removal done right the first time Thompson Rivers Tree Service. At Thompson Rivers Tree Service, we always encourage our customers to finish the job with stump grinding services. Our skilled stump removers are ready to help you complete your tree removal or remove stumps that another tree service left behind

How Can Tree Stumps Affect Your Home?

Stumps offer no value to a property but they can also cause more problems. Some of the reasons to have your stumps removed are:

  • Stumps are Annoying: If you’re the kind of person that likes to care for their own lawns, then you know how annoying it is to have to mow around rotting stumps for years. If you don’t take care of your own lawn then have some consideration for the people that do! Stumps are also notoriously difficult to landscape around because they are ugly and they interfere with the biology of surrounding vegetation, limiting the options of someone who wants to improve the aesthetic of their lawn.
  • They Cause Damage: A common problem around homes is that trees are planted too close to patios, sidewalks and driveways when they are young. As the trees get older, their shallow roots can absolutely ruin concrete structures. This makes for damaged and unsightly walkways and driveways. It also means that the roots of a tree can exert powerful forces on the foundation of your home, even to the point that they compromise the structural integrity of your foundation. This damage can continue to occur even after the tree is removed, so removing the stump can help stop the damage.
  • Plumbing is Still Compromised: One of the main reasons for removing trees in your yard is because of the damage they can do to your plumbing. Since stumps aren’t dead once the tree is removed, roots can still damage underground piping. Additionally, if damage was already done, the stump needs to be removed and the plumbing repaired.
  • They Try to Regrow: Trees are resilient organisms. Once a tree falls down or is removed, the stump still remains. All of the metabolic parts of trees remain in the ground with the stump and they will continue to try and force the tree to regrow. Regrowth on a tree stump is always ugly and it is also not structurally sound. So, if the tree does get bigger it doesn’t look nice and it will collapse under its own weight. It is better to just remove the stump so that the area can be replanted.

How is Stump Removal Done?

The classic method of stump removal is done by pulling stumps. The process used to involve a crew digging for days and chopping underground roots to loosen the earth’s hold on the stump. Once enough root matter was removed, the stump may be pulled out by a truck or tractor. This was a very labour-intensive practice that took a long time and was still fairly ineffective. But it was all our forefathers had. Today, modern methods of stump removal are vastly superior!

The method of choice for stump removal these days is stump grinding. Stump grinding is a process offered by any tree service company that takes pride in being effective. Stump grinding is carried out by a specialized machine on tracks that can be driven into customers’ yards causing no damage. Most stump grinders have a low profile so they can fit through garden gates.

Once the machine is brought to the location of the stump, powerful engines begin turning a special blade. This blade is designed to quickly reduce the stump into a pile of wood shavings. An operator lowers the blade onto the stump and moves the machine back and forth to grind up the entire top of the stump. The blade is also plunged below the level of the surrounding soil to tear up any roots that may still survive. What is left after you have your stumps ground is a slight indentation in the lawn and a pile of wood shavings that make excellent mulch.

Why is Stump Grinding More Effective?

Stump grinding is so much more effective than digging up stumps for many reasons. First, stump grinding removes all of the stump, even roots below the surface that may send up new shoots. There are few things more frustrating than having dug out a stump only to spend the next several years chopping out surviving roots. Stump grinding takes care of these roots so that you never have to mess with them again.

Second, stump grinding is much faster than removing even a small stump. Even with modern excavators, removing a stump could take several days. At best it may be accomplished in a couple of hours. With a stump grinder, the problem is gone in a matter of minutes with a single operator.

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