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The arborists at Thompson Rivers Tree Service aren’t just experts at safe tree removal. They are also experts at taking care of plants and trees!

When a human is sick, they go to a doctor who will run tests on them and prescribe steps to improve their health. Often these recommendations will be things like better nutrition, reduced stress and medicine. When plants get sick, who do they go to for help?

The answer is an arborist. Arborists are often known by the term “tree doctor” for their knowledge about treating plants and trees. Coincidentally, many of their recommendations for plants and trees are analogous to recommendations from a doctor. Better nutrition, reduced stress and medicine for invading fungus or insects are just what the tree doctors ordered!

If you have plants or trees that seem to be suffering, why not take them to the doctor? The arborists at Thompson Rivers Tree Services are ready to apply their knowledge to help your trees and plants thrive.

The Importance of Good Plant Health

For plants to grow healthy and thrive, they need to get all of the essential nutrients that they need. Among the nutrients that are essential for plants are:

  • Sun Exposure: All plants need some amount of light to grow. Their leaves convert sunlight into energy that they use to prosper. Different species require different amounts of light, so it is important to plan ahead when selecting specimens and be mindful of the light they will receive in every stage of their life.
  • Moisture Requirements: From cactuses to mangrove trees, all plants have different moisture requirements. Siting a tree where it will receive the right amount is crucial for its health. Soils that are too wet can make the tree susceptible to damage from mould growth while soils that are too dry risk killing the tree.
  • Nutrient Needs: Plants need a variety of nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium found in different ratios in fertilizers. They also need micronutrients like iron, manganese and zinc. Arborists can recognize deficiencies and then put together a plan to amend them.

Whatever your trees need, you can be sure that the arborists at Thompson Rivers Tree Service can offer solutions. Whether it is selective pruning to increase sunlight penetration of a tree’s canopy or fertilization and mulching, our experts can get your trees back on the right track.

Methods for Plant Analysis

An arborist’s training is what makes them qualified to undertake difficult plant health care problems. They have several tools at their disposal to help them determine the cause of plant health problems. Some of these tools are:

  • Visual Assessment: Arborists are trained to recognize many problems visually. This is usually the first step in identifying plant health problems. Visual assessment can usually identify pest problems or micronutrient deficiencies.
  • Laboratory Analysis: An arborist can take a tissue sample of a plant or tree and analyze it in a laboratory. This gives the arborist valuable information about nutrient problems that are inhibiting growth.
  • Soil Sampling: Many plant health problems are the result of poor soil quality. By taking soil samples an arborist can discover problems with pH or nutrients that aren’t allowing a tree to thrive.
  • Tree Risk Assessment: A formal assessment is sometimes required to determine risks that a tree can pose. A tree risk assessment is an in-depth process that allows our professionals to look deeply into the current and possible future problems that a tree may have.

Disease Control and Fertilization

The arborists at Thompson Rivers Tree Service have extensive experience and training that allows them to take a multi-pronged approach to tree and plant health. Trees and shrubs are a diverse group of organisms that can’t be treated by a single approach. Our arborists employ the latest and most appropriate strategies to keep your trees healthy. Among these strategies are:

  • Mulching: Mulching can be the best practice when done correctly or the worst practice if done incorrectly. Poor mulching practices can damage roots and turn trees into a liability. Good mulching on the other hand increases soil moisture, nutrient absorption and protects the roots of a tree. Our arborists can help correct the problems caused by poor mulching practices and recommend the right way to do it.
  • Insect Management: Insects can cause damage to a tree and they can be major vectors for diseases. If too many insects are living in a tree it can be harmful. Insect management can be done with sprays or foggers that reduce the population of an insect in a tree. When properly applied, insect management principles can enhance the health of a tree and even save an ailing tree.
  • Tree Disease Control: Along with the other methods listed for disease control, one of the most useful is selective trimming and seasonal pruning of a tree or shrub. Trimming is used to remove dead or diseased branches that could lessen the vigour of the tree while pruning is used to ensure that the tree or shrub is growing in a favourable and healthy habit. An arborist may recommend either of these processes to control or prevent a disease in your trees.
  • Fertilization and Soil Amendments: Just like in humans, so many tree health problems can be attributed to poor nutrition. A tree often has no choice in the matter so it falls to professional arborists to make sure that they are getting what they need. The arborists at Thompson Rivers Tree Service can restore health to damaged and sick trees simply by properly applying the right nutrients.

Working with Thompson Rivers Tree Service

When you’re sick, you go to someone who has the knowledge to help, like a doctor. Why wouldn’t you give your trees and landscape the same attention? While some unqualified tree services or landscapers may say they can handle plant health care, they aren’t certified unless they are arborists. At Thompson Rivers Tree Service, our arborists are experienced and certified in plant health care so that you can rest assured that you are getting expert help when your trees need it. Our trustworthy and reliable crews are always ready to help!

Give your trees what they deserve. Contact the plant health care experts at Thompson Rivers Tree Service at (250) 851-1835 Our crews can help you get your trees back on the right track!

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