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Looking to maximize the value of your new construction project? Get help with lot clearing from the experts at Thompson Rivers Tree Service.

So you’ve decided that you want to build your dream home or expand your business. This is an exciting time that is riddled with lots of big decisions that will determine the success of your venture. One of the first steps in this process is to get the lot and build site prepared for your contractor and his equipment to come in and break ground. Lot clearing is an important step in the construction process but it gives you the freedom to determine what you want your lot to look like in the coming years.

At Thompson Rivers Tree Service, we provide customized lot clearing services to our customers. While some people want their lot cleared to make room for parking lots or large structures, some people like to pick and choose different trees to keep so that after construction is completed the lot looks more natural. Regardless of your goals, the lot clearing crews of Thompson Rivers Tree Services are ready to help you plan exactly what you need when it comes to your new construction project.

The Benefits of Professional Lot Clearing Services

It’s important to start your construction project off on the right foot and that means getting the first steps right. A lot clearing company is likely the first crew that you will work with so we want to make sure it goes smoothly for you. Some of the reasons to work with a professional lot clearing crew are:

  • The Best Equipment: Thompson Rivers Tree Service has been in the business long enough that we know what it takes to complete our jobs. We have specialized equipment above and beyond what other tree companies use so that we can do our jobs better and faster.
  • Fast Crews: Experience means that our crews can work fast. Our crews are skilled at clearing lots which means that you’ll save time and money as well as getting exactly what you need.
  • Site Cleanup: Our crews remove the trees and all of the resulting debris from a lot clearing. Once our crews are finished your site will be completely ready for crews to move in and start work.
  • Stump Grinding: We believe that trees aren’t really gone until the stump is. During a lot clearing, we remove all of the brush and trees and grind down all of the stumps.

How Do We Customize Your Lot Clearing Plans?

How Do We Customize Your Lot Clearing Plans?
Trees are a big-time investment on the part of mother nature and their value is also reflected in the financial and aesthetic value of your property. Therefore, it makes sense to be wise about how you would like your lot cleared. When the crews at Thompson Rivers Tree Service help you prepare your lot, we educate and assist you so that you can make smart decisions. Some of the criteria we use to help you customize your lot clearing are:

  • Maximize Value: Properties that have mature trees always sell for higher values than properties with no established trees. If you are clearing a lot for a new project, it makes sense to save established trees instead of waiting for decades for new specimens to grow. This helps you maximize the value of your investment in the property while also being able to prepare for construction.
  • Plan for the Future: By saving certain trees from removal, you can immediately begin planning the design and layout of your site. This gives you the freedom to make your construction project more easily integrate into the natural landscape.
  • Design Your Landscape: By customizing your lot clearing you can begin to immediately think about landscaping. Large, mature trees are fun to decorate around so you can start to think about how to accentuate the natural beauty that already exists on your lot.

    The Benefits of Working with Professionals

    There are a lot of companies that may offer lot clearing services but they may not be equipped to truly tailor the project to your needs. Working with the professionals at Thompson Rivers Tree Service means that you will get the benefits of:

    • Experience: Our crews have experience in custom lot design. We have all of the necessary equipment to make the job go quickly and smoothly.
    • Training: The arborist that leads our crew is trained in safe tree removal and forestry. Therefore, our crews have the knowledge to give you advice that can help you along in the process.
    • Safety: Safety is a top priority in terms of how we operate our business. Not only the safety of our crews but also the safety of your property. Our crews are insured against any damage that could result from our work.
    • Legal Help: In most municipalities, the removal of trees is regulated by a zoning or inspection board. This helps communities protect the natural assets inherent to the area. Thompson Rivers Tree Service is skilled and experienced in working with governing bodies to obtain permission and oversight when it comes to clearing a lot for construction.

    Signs that a Tree Needs to be Removed

    As you walk around your lot before it gets cleared, try to visualize what you want it to look like in the future. Notice trees that you want to keep and ones that need to be removed. As you walk around, notice the health of trees and plan on keeping the healthiest ones to display in your landscape. Some of the signs that a tree should be removed are:

    • Dead forks or sections of a tree
    • Presence of mushrooms or fungus
    • Trunk damage
    • Hollow spots
    • Leaning trees

    If you notice any of these signs then we can remove the tree and make room for more healthy specimens.

    Working with Our Arborists

    The arborists at Thompson Rivers Tree Service are skilled in educating their customers about their options when it comes to lot clearing. We always strive to provide reliable tree service to your highest satisfaction. Our crews are skilled and prompt so we can help you keep your construction project on schedule. Start off on the right foot with help from our teams.

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