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Emergencies can happen at any time and they are always stressful. Get emergency tree service from Thompson Rivers Tree Service and get things back to normal fast.

The weather around Kamloops can be unpredictable at times. It is a constant reminder that mother nature is still a force to be reckoned with. When ice, snow and high winds batter the local vegetation, tree emergencies are bound to occur. When tree emergencies happen they can cause damage on a devastating scale and shut activities for miles around. Getting the situation stabilized falls to professional tree crews and their quick response times.

When a disaster happens and tree emergencies interrupt your daily life, your first call should be to Thompson Rivers Tree Service. Our crews have worked in the Kamloops area for years and have extensive experience in responding to tree emergencies. Whether they are localized events or area-wide disasters, our crews have developed a reputation for speed and safety when it comes to tree emergencies.

When disaster strikes, get help immediately from Thompson Rivers Tree Service. Our emergency tree crews are always on call to restore stability to a bad situation.

What is Considered a Tree Emergency?

The trees on your residential and commercial property represent the harmony of human activity and nature. Managing this relationship takes some work from time to time but with the right help, trees and human activity can peacefully coexist. That is until unexpected events happen and cause our worlds to collide.

  • Blocked Access and Egress: Storms and high winds can cause large limbs to fall near homes and driveways. Some limbs may be big enough to trap people in their homes or at the very least prevent them from pulling their cars out and leaving an unsafe situation. Removing this debris quickly will allow homeowners to fully access their own property once again.
  • Damage to Structures: Probably the biggest tree emergency is when trees topple or large limbs break off and damage homes or businesses. Damages that can be incurred when this happens can be catastrophic, even to the point of totalling a structure. Damage can be compounded by the fact that most emergencies are caused by weather events, meaning that when the damage happens, there is a high likelihood of rain or snow making it into the building.
  • Debris on Roadways: When trees or limbs fall across roadways it inhibits our movement. While it may not seem to be a total catastrophe, blocked roadways mean that people can’t go to work or return home. It can also block the way of emergency vehicles trying to respond to other emergencies. When roadways are blocked, it is in everyone’s best interest to get them open as soon as possible.
  • Limbs Fallen on Vehicles: Another common tree emergency is when debris falls on cars. One of the most common non-roadway insurance claims is damage from trees. Calling for professional help can prevent further damage from occurring during the removal process.

How Can Tree Emergencies Affect Your Home?

Tree emergencies can be devastating. Often they involve a lot of stress on the part of home and business owners. Apart from the stress, tree owners still have to deal with the direct effects of having a tree emergency. Some of the secondary stressors during a tree emergency can be:

  • Loss of Power: Limbs and trees falling on power lines is a common problem in the wake of a storm. This can lead to loss of power for your individual home or an area-wide power loss for hundreds of customers.
  • Loss of Plumbing: When trees uproot, they take everything underground with them. For plumbing that is too close to trees, the roots from the trees can jerk it right out of the ground. Since roots can damage plumbing even without an emergency, it is always best to remove trees that are located around important plumbing.
  • Damaged Structure: Tree emergencies often involve trees that fall over onto homes or drop large limbs onto them. Huge tree debris can damage rooflines and even knock down brick walls. Damage can be so extensive that the entire structure becomes unstable.
  • Compromised Safety: When a tree emergency affects your home it can mean that it isn’t safe anymore. When massive damage happens to your home it can be compromised to the point that your life is in danger. Additionally, if roads are blocked it may leave you with very few options to get to a safe place. That’s where a reliable tree company can help!

The Importance of a Reliable Emergency Tree Company

The hallmark of an emergency situation is how chaotic and unprecedented it is. It is very difficult to train for every specific instance someone may encounter in the wake of an emergency. However, when emergencies happen, there is no time to waste. Dealing with a company that has extensive experience with tree emergencies is crucial when every moment counts and there is no margin for error.

At Thompson Rivers Tree Service, we have experience dealing with all types of tree emergencies. One of the main goals of our company is to put safety at the forefront of everything we do. We do this every day in our routine tree services so we have the direct experience necessary to implement our safety practices after an emergency. Hiring us as your emergency tree service can make all the difference when it comes to trying to safely recover from a disaster.

Why Work with Us

Thompson Rivers Tree Service puts reliability and customer satisfaction as our top priorities. These values motivate us to do our best every single day. That means that excellence has become a habit so that when we respond to emergencies we are just doing what we always do. Our safety-minded crews are ready to help at a moment’s notice any time of day.

Don’t be overwhelmed by a tree emergency. Take a deep breath and call (250) 851-1835. Thompson Rivers Tree Service is ready to help when disaster strikes. Day or night, our tree service experts are here to help!

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