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Give your trees the best help you can get. Let the tree care experts at Thompson Rivers Tree Service handle all of your tree care.

Having trees on your residential or commercial property is where nature and society meet. Trees welcome nature into the world of human civilization and it adds incredible value to the spaces where we live. Investing in the trees that are part of the green space at your home or business can help you better take care of the small part of nature that you are responsible for.

When you invest in nature it will always return dividends. To make sure that your trees are well taken care of, get help from the certified professionals at Thompson Rivers Tree Service in Clearwater. Our years of experience in managing the local tree life have given us the experience we need to help you better care for your trees.

Tree Services That We Offer

Professional tree service covers all of the responsibilities that come along with owning trees. While landscapers take care of ornamentals and shrubs, tree care is an entirely different set of skills, knowledge and tools. At Thompson Rivers Tree Service, we handle all aspects of tree care including:

  • Safe Tree Removal
  • Expert Plant Health Care
  • Shrub and Tree Pruning
  • Stump Removal
  • Tree Transplanting
  • Emergency Tree Service
  • Lot Clearing

The Dangers of Tree Removal

Removing a tree involves safely cutting up large sections of trees into manageable portions and lowering them to the ground. The work always takes place high in the canopy of the tree and is often performed in tight quarters with other trees or homes. When the stakes are this high, it is important that the tree removal crew is skilled and trained in safe removal techniques.

The crews at Thompson Rivers Tree Service are skilled at safely and quickly removing trees. We are trained to perform in close proximity to homes and power lines and to keep our workers and your property safe. Let our experience and professionalism put your mind at ease as we perform tree removals for you.

Benefits of Tree Trimming and Pruning

While tree pruning and trimming can be stressful on a tree, when it is done properly by a trained professional, it ends up being beneficial. Some of the ways trimming and pruning benefit a tree are:

  • Better Shape of Trees and Shrubs: Pruning allows a professional to shape trees and shrubs into more aesthetically pleasing shapes.
  • Stronger Fruiting or Flowering: Pruning at the right time of year will lead to fruit, nut and ornamental trees to produce more blooms and stronger fruiting.
  • Less Chance of Infection: Professional tree trimming lessens the likelihood that fungus can begin to grow on limb cuts.
  • Better Nutrient Utilization: Reducing the internal growth of a tree allows sunlight to penetrate the canopy better. It also allows air circulation to keep humidity from building up and stagnating inside the canopy.

Who Needs an Arborist?

What sets Thompson Rivers Tree Service apart from a landscaping company or another tree service is that we are led by a certified arborist. A certified arborist is an individual that is trained and educated to perform the duties of tree care. Some of the reasons to call for the services of an arborist may include:

  • When Trees Look Sick: An arborist doesn’t just specialize in removing trees. They also are skilled in the treatment of trees that are suffering. Before you decide to cut down a tree, consult with an arborist first to determine if it can be saved.
  • Trees That Have Dead Sections or Hollow Trunks: Arborists are trained to understand the damage that has occurred within a tree. Trees that are struggling may be saved with nutritional amendments but trees that are hollow may need to be removed. An arborist can help you determine the risks involved with keeping a compromised tree or they can skillfully remove the tree.
  • Deciding to Plant New Trees: Local arborists are a great resource when deciding to plant new trees. They can give guidance on what species work best with the local climate and how to cite trees so they receive optimal nutrients and space.
  • When Trees Need Trimming: Tree trimming is a stressful event for a tree. It is an arborist’s job to know how to trim a tree without causing too much harm.

    Why You Need Stump Grinding

    Along with being the final step of a tree removal, there are a number of benefits to stump removal. Among these are:

    • Rotting stumps attract fungus and insects
    • Wood-eating fungus and insects may find their way to the wood in your home
    • Stumps can harbour diseases that can spread to other trees nearby
    • Leftover stumps are ugly and not fun to mow or landscape around
    • Stump removal is a difficult process without the proper machinery

    When are Emergency Tree Services Available?

    Thompson Rivers Tree Service stays busy during the week with routine tree care. However, we are always available for emergency tree services. Our crews are available on nights and weekends to help stabilize a tricky situation that may put you or your property in danger. We also prioritize tree emergencies so we can be available at a moment’s notice if an emergency happens to you. Rest easy knowing that our crews are ready to keep your property safe from tree emergencies.

    Custom Lot Clearing

    Starting a new construction project is an exciting time. One of the earliest steps in any construction project is to clear the site of unwanted trees and underbrush so workers and machinery can work to build your dream home or business. Thompson Rivers Tree Services offers custom lot clearing services. We understand the value of the trees that exist on your property and we love working with our customers to help them to decide which trees to keep on their lot. By getting help from a tree service early on in the process, you can put a plan into action that will add value to your property by utilizing trees in the best way possible and planning where to plant new trees so that your home becomes a beautiful part of the natural landscape.

    Keep harmony with nature by getting help from an expert tree service. Thompson Rivers Tree Service can help you maximize the value of the trees on your property. Call (250) 851-1835 today to schedule a visit!

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