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You’ve got more important things to do than to worry about caring for your trees. Let Thompson Rivers Tree Service handle that for you!

Even for a small property, tree care can take up a lot of time. Between cleaning up fallen twigs and branches to seasonal tree trimming, the cost of your time and the equipment to take care of your trees can really add up. Instead of spending weekends trying to catch up with rapidly growing trees and sinking your paychecks into ladders and saws, why not just call for help from a reliable tree service company.

Thompson Rivers Tree Service is a local Cache Creek tree care service that already has all of the skills and tools necessary to take care of your trees. Save yourself the time and the money and call us first!

What Kind of Tree Services Are Necessary?

If you own a property with lots of vegetation, you know how much responsibility it takes just to keep it growing, not to mention presentable. Taking care of your trees and landscape usually requires an entire outbuilding to house all of the saws, ladders and fertilizers to keep your trees looking great. Some of the responsibilities that a tree service can take off your hands include:

  • Pruning
  • Trimming
  • Tree cutting
  • Plant health care
  • Stump grinding
  • Disposal of green waste

Instead of handling it all yourself let Thompson Rivers Tree Service help. Our qualified teams are skilled in managing every aspect of your tree care for you with reliability and to your satisfaction.

Why Hire an Arborist?

With all of the misinformation out there about tree care, it helps to know where to go to find the right answers about how to better care for trees. This job falls to those who are certified arborists. Not everyone with a chainsaw and a bucket truck has the expertise that makes them eligible to be an arborist. Many landscaping companies and even tree services are run by people with no formal training on the topic of tree care.
The International Society of Arboriculture saw that there was a need to standardize methods and education of those in the tree care industry. To meet this need they developed a training and certification program to educate tree care professionals about how to better care for trees. This allows consumers to make an informed decision about who they allow to work on their trees.

Thompson Rivers Tree Service is run by an individual that holds a certification from the ISA. This allows us to offer the highest standards of care in the tree industry. As a result, we can offer expert tree health advice, tree transplanting and safe tree removals.

Our Tree Removal Process

In its simplest methods, tree removal can be accomplished by cutting a tree with a chainsaw and letting it fall. However, tree removals are rarely so easy. Most of the time the specimen to be removed will be surrounded by other trees or structures that cannot be damaged under any circumstances. This makes tree removal a job for professionals. During a tree removal we will:

  1. Survey the sight to determine how to most safely remove the tree.
  2. Schedule a day to remove the tree.
  3. Show up on time on removal day and unload all of the necessary equipment.
  4. Use boom trucks, chainsaws and special rigging to safely remove the tree in manageable sections.
  5. Ensure that no damage has happened to the surrounding trees or landscaping.
  6. Remove unwanted green waste.
  7. Perform stump removal if desired.
  8. Every step in the process is carefully planned so that our jobs proceed as safely as possible. Thompson Rivers Tree Service makes safety its priority along with making sure that you are satisfied.

When to Plan for Tree Pruning and Trimming

A lot of confusing information exists as to when is the best time to perform tree trimming and pruning services. The truth is that timing matters and who better to determine the timing than a certified arborist. One of the duties of an arborist is to plan for the proper pruning and trimming of the trees that they care for. This means pruning different types of trees at different points in the seasons to get maximum results for vigorous growth or flowering and fruiting.

Since not all trimming can be done on an ideal, natural timetable, an arborist is also qualified and trained in the proper techniques to minimize potential damage from trimming in seasons that aren’t optimal.

How We Do Stump Removal

Stump removal is an essential step in tree removal because it allows the owner to start over in the spot where the tree was. Thompson Rivers Tree Service uses a technique called stump grinding to remove stumps. Stump grinding is done with a special machine with a large spinning drum that is lowered down onto a stump. As the drum rotates, the stump and supporting roots are reduced to wood chips.

What is Emergency Tree Service?

Thompson Rivers Tree Service knows that not all problems happen during business hours. That is why we keep our crews ready to respond at any time for emergency service. Any time a tree damages a structure or blocks a means of travel, an emergency has occurred. When that happens, our crews will quickly respond to help stabilize the situation. Your safety is what is most important to us and we will work to remove the dangers from your surroundings.

How is Lot Clearing Done?

Lot clearing is the process where a future construction site is made accessible to crews and machinery to build a new structure. The lot clearing process allows a customer to tell us how they want the property prepared. Maybe they want all of the trees removed. Or maybe they would like some specimens saved. At Thompson Rivers Tree Service, we cater to your needs so you get a truly customized lot-clearing plan.

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