Certified Arborists in Kamloops and surrounding areas

Ever wonder who is trained and certified to take care of your trees? The arborists at Thompson Rivers Tree Service are your go-to experts for tree care.

Trees are such precious natural resources that to trust their care to just anyone is not a good idea. Trees take years to develop and need periodic attention to thrive in environments where nature and human activity meet. To make sure the meeting of society and nature is harmonious, arborists are there to ensure that trees can thrive and human activity is safe. When your trees need care, trust only professionals that are qualified arborists. The arborists at Thompson Rivers Tree Service are trained and experienced to be able to handle any of the duties necessary to protect these important resources.

What is an Arborist?

In any industry, it is important to know how people are trained to perform certain tasks. Often consumers or building codes demand that there be some standard by which they can gauge the qualifications of a certain individual for a job. In the field of tree care, the process by which tree service professionals are deemed experts in their field falls to the International Society of Arboriculture. The ISA is a multi-national governing body that sets the standards to certify individuals as arborists.

To qualify for certification, individuals seeking the certification to become arborists must meet certain criteria. To qualify just to take the test, candidates must prove that they:

  • Have three years of experience in tree care
  • Have two years of experience and an Associate’s Degree in a related field
  • Have one year of experience and a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field

Once these requirements are met, candidates can study for and schedule to take their test to become a certified arborist.

How is an Arborist Different from a Landscaper?

Because there is some overlap between the jobs of an arborist and a landscaper, it is easy to understand why people are confused about their duties. After all, both work outside. Both have a responsibility to keep vegetation growing and beautiful. However, that’s where their similarities end.

Landscapers are responsible for designing green spaces and installing them according to a customer’s desires. This can include planting trees and shrubs. A landscaper may even offer pruning and trimming services. But, they rarely have any formal training that makes them an expert, especially when it comes to tree care.

An arborist, on the other hand, carries the certification from an accredited board that proves they are experts in caring for trees specifically. The process that they go through opens them up to the scrutiny of the industry so that a governing body can ensure that they meet the requirements to call themselves an arborist.

The benefits of hiring an arborist for your tree care are:

  • Better qualifications
  • More extensive services
  • Safer equipment and techniques
  • More experienced
  • Carries special insurance to protect your property from damage

When you hire the arborists at Thompson Rivers Tree Service, you have the assurance that your trees are being cared for to the highest expectations and the best knowledge in the tree care industry.

What Services Do an Arborist Perform?

Because there is some overlap between the jobs of an arborist and a landscaper, it is easy to understand why people are confused about their duties. After all, both work outside. Both have a responsibility to keep vegetation growing and beautiful. However, that’s where their similarities end.

  • Write Up a Tree Risk Assessment: Tree risk assessments are helpful for homeowners to understand what risks their trees may pose to the people and structures around their property. Sometimes insurance companies or local codes may require a tree risk assessment to be performed so that the property stays safe from tree emergencies.
    • Safe Tree Removals: Tree removal is a dangerous job that has the potential to hurt workers and bystanders as well as damage surrounding property. Arborists are trained and experienced in making sure their worksites stay safe from complications during tree removal.
      • Plant Health Care: Arborists don’t just remove and trim trees. They are also skilled at making them grow healthier. This may mean that an arborist will advise a tree owner to water more or less or use certain types of fertilizers to help the tree thrive. An arborist will also look for signs of infection or infestation and take steps to help the tree fight off the invaders.
        • Tree Trimming: When done properly, tree trimming is a very beneficial procedure for a tree. When done improperly, it can be devastating. An arborist is trained to understand how a tree will respond to trimming and to make the necessary accommodations to prevent tree trimming from shocking the tree.
          • Stump Removal: When not dealt with, stumps will attempt to regrow. The regrowth is ugly and weak and it can be difficult to remove once it has established. An arborist will always recommend stump grinding after a tree is removed. Whether or not he removes the tree, Thompson Rivers Tree Service makes its stump removal services available to everyone.

          As you can see, even though their expertise is mainly in tree health, there is plenty to keep an arborist busy. At Thompson Rivers Tree Service, our arborists oversee all of the services we offer so you can know that you are making the best decision to trust us with your trees

          Why Work with Our Arborist?

          The arborists at Thompson Rivers Tree Service are experienced in working all over BC. When hiring a tree service company, locals are always better. Our arborists and crews are local to the Kamloops area so we know exactly how to take care of the local tree life. The arborist that leads our tree service crews is a seven-year veteran of the tree industry in BC. He leads our crews to deliver the highest levels of satisfaction with safe and reliable tree care. When you put your trees in our care, you can be sure that they will grow and thrive.

          Put your trees in the care of the arborists at Thompson Rivers Tree Service. Call (250) 851-1835 today to schedule fast and effective service. From tree risk assessments to lot clearing, our crews are ready to give you the best care.

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